In antiquity, Berbera was part of a chain of commercial port cities along the Somali seaboard. It later served as the capital of the British Somaliland protectorate from 1884 to 1941, when it was replaced by Hargeisa. In 1960, the.....

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Sa’ad ad-Din Island

The first half of the fabled Zeila Archipelago to make this list is also the most visited of the six islets that lurk just a stone’s throw from the coast of Somaliland off the ancient city of Zeila.Having only recently become one of the country’s.....

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Carrying on the Somaliland (as opposed to Somalia) theme, the town of Zeila (also known as Seylac) beckons adventurous travelers to the far-flung north-western corner of the nation, where the dry and arid land of sand dunes and rocky hills crashes in.....

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Laas Geel

Leading us neatly on from our last hotspot, the Laas Geel reside between the dusty ridges and hills just on the outskirts of the Somaliland capital, Hargeisa.Home to some of the earliest cave paintings ever discovered on the Horn of Africa, the vario.....

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Ask anyone in Hargeisa and they’ll tell you that the city isn’t a part of Somalia at all, but rather the self-proclaimed capital of Somaliland – a break-away state that’s been governing on its own, without the sanction of Somalia’s federal .....

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